The versatility of Safety for any application: the project Milperra Industrial Park

La versatilità di Safety per ogni applicazione: il progetto Milperra Industrial Park

The versatility of Safety for any application: the project Milperra Industrial Park

One of the objectives of Aquatechnik is to guarantee the maximum Safety in the applications of the thermal-sanitary sector, fulfilling the needs of installers and engineers, both on the national and domestic market. Among our partners, the official distributor Aquatechnik Australia has contributed and continues to promote the success gained of one of our most innovative products, the Safety system.

Not all markets are the same: Safety for Australia

A brilliant idea is not enough, the thermal-sanitary solutions must be able to adapt to concrete needs of designers and installers. For this reason, our laboratory and research center maintains communications with all sectors of the company, including the commercial one. In this way, it can receive useful information directly from all our partners, in order to offer articles always in line with what is requested by the market, or to anticipate future needs, like what happened with Safety.

Australian installers were particularly fascinated by the versatility and by the multiple solutions and applications that this system offers. Thanks to an exchange of information with our collaborators, Aquatechnik has developed also some fittings specific to the Australian market in order to allow to switch from a system to the other (pressing/flaring), connecting different types of material (copper/PPSU and multi-layer). The market for pipe and fittings in polymeric materials in Australia is, in fact, in its exponentially growing phase, with estimates of a yearly increase (CAGR) of 3% by 2023. The usage of pipes made of metal and PVC is destined to decrease, thanks to the constant increase in the quality of the alternatives made of other polymeric materials, such as PP-R and PPSU. At the same time, it is predicted that there will be a growth of chemical and industrial applications, as well as civil hydraulic for the building sector.

The Milperra Industrial Park project in Sydney

In a competitive and evolving market, Safety was the best choice for the construction of the Milperra Industrial Park, in Sydney. It is a complex of 12 units with a size ranging from 1100 to 3400 square meters intended for companies, which include warehouses and buildings designed in the smallest details for an offer of high standard. The Safety system, with diameters from 14 mm to 40mm, was used to set up the warm and cold-water plants.

The advantages of the Safety system for plumbing systems

Safety means, literally, assurance and reliability of performance and processing. The pipe-fitting joint is the point of strength of the system: flaring allows to fit the fitting on an enlarged pipe, avoiding the typical shrinking of other systems that limit the passage of fluid and increase noise.

The assurance of the pipe/fitting pairing is double: on one hand the O-ring in EPDM peroxide guarantees hydraulic seal; on the other hand, the cap with an anti-unscrewing system guarantees a mechanical seal, but it can be disassembled in any moment, allowing to recover the fitting.

Among the other advantages of the Safety system there is the total absence of lead, which allows it to be used in all cases when the fluid cannot touch metal, guaranteeing maximum hygiene. Obviously, performance is also on par with the project: PPSU, of which Safety is made of, is resistant to high temperatures and stresses, other than distinguishing itself for its high lifetime, which also derives from its resistance to corrosion. Finally, processing and installation are fast and easy.

I vantaggi del sistema Safety per gli impianti idraulici

The wide range of Safety solutions of Aquatechnik

In order to meet the needs of the most different markets and provide cutting edge products to any country, Aquatechnik has expanded the Safety range of products, thinking of the needs of the Australian installers. The Safety reducers are perfect to create joints on multilayer pipes fast and easily, without the necessity of using reduced tee. In this way, it is likewise easy to install thermal plants and distribution manifolds even in small places, with a sealing capacity very much on par with a common tee. The benefits of this innovation are evident: it is possible to contain the costs of installation, without using too many pieces, and it is usable on already installed plants and pipes.

With diameters ranging from 14 to 90 mm, Safety is suited for sanitary, heating and cooling plants for industry and housing. Moreover, it represents a “green” solution compared to materials like copper and metals that have a substantial environmental impact, both in the production and disposal phases.

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