Aquatechnik’s safety system for the iconic Battersea Power Station

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Aquatechnik’s safety system for the iconic Battersea Power Station

The safety system was used for the water supply and heating-cooling lines in the redevelopment project of the old Battersea Power Station, in London.

Many of you would remember Battersea Power Station thanks to a legendary Pink Floyd cover. Built in two phases, starting in 1929, it is located on the south bank of the Thames in London. In addition to being famous in cultural and media terms, it is the largest brick building in Europe and the interiors are characterized by decorations in art deco style.

Closed in 1983, major redevelopment works are underway for 9 billion pounds, which aim to create a new self-sufficient and eco-sustainable neighborhood, a real urban regeneration operation, the most ambitious and awaited in London. Battersea will house 3,992 apartments, three hotels and more than 250 shops and restaurants, a riverside park and leisure facilities. A glass elevator will take visitors to a viewing platform at the top of the power station, where the River Thames can be admired from a height of more than 100 meters.

Aquatechnik is involved in the project thanks to our exclusive dealer Smith Brothers Stores LTD, present throughout the UK, and its teams of professional installers.

Full compatibility and integration with Safety

The choice of the Safety system was dictated by precise design choices that consider, among the many variables, the indications on the maximum flow rates for the water supply, and the possible ramifications of distribution for an optimal clamping.

The installations advantages with the Safety system are also evident regarding the possibility of using a series of transition fittings, which allow to create connections with other systems. Aquatechnik guarantees compatibility and versatility between its systems and between its products and other systems on the market, thanks to the possibility of using special shapes such as threaded joints, unions, couplings and derivations.

Advantages of working with Safety

The Safety range allows simple and rapid processing as it does not require calibrating of the pipes before using the coupling tool. The pipe-fitting joining does not take place by pressing or by compression, but through the perfect adherence between the geometry of the processed tube and the profile of the fitting. In addition, the safety cap prevents any possible movement of the joined parts and guarantees, more than any other method, all under-walled and free-laying joints. This safety is combined with the ease of intervention: in case of need, the cap can be disassembled with the aid of the appropriate key, allowing the recovery of the fitting.

The equipment for making the connections is supplied entirely by Aquatechnik. The Coupling Tools are studied, designed and patented by our company and allow the expansion of the pipe in a safe and calibrated way. Two types of coupling tools are available: manual or motorized with battery power or with mains connection cable.

Safety-pol guarantees reduced pressure drops and energy savings

Safety-pol was fundamental in the processing at Battersea, being able to count on strengths such as the characteristics, already partially seen, of pressure drops reduction, ease and speed of processing, maximum safety and completeness of the range. The reduction in pressure losses is substantial, thanks to the system’s ability to maintain the same passage section at the pipe-fitting transition point. An obvious advantage in comparison with traditional systems: the safety system guarantees a 40% increase in flow rate compared to other connection systems with multilayer pipes, with significant benefits in terms of energy savings, estimated at around 60%, and a significant reduction in noise.

Safety-pol is a complete range of PPSU fittings, available from 14 mm to 90 mm diameter, with guaranteed suitability for the transport of drinking water. In particular, the male and female threads never come into contact with metal parts, guaranteeing the total organolepticity of the fluids conveyed.

Proud of having contributed to the redevelopment of a building of historical and cultural value such as Battersea, we convey our enthusiasm in collaborating with our partners on the next project.

For information on the safety range and our products, we are at your disposal.

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