New catalogues: new items.. and more else!

New catalogues: new items.. and more else!

Following the recent release of the new range of fibre-reinforced polypropylene pipe systems, we have also updated all the documentation, by redefining technical sheets and catalogues related to our fusio-technik and iso-technik systems. These two new technical catalogues do not only define the specifications of the systems as simple range extensions, pipes or fittings, but also present more in detail the technological and application features of the new products, showing the performance improvements and new and innovative fields of application.

Writing a new catalogue is always a moment of synthesis, in which we proudly present the results of studies and researches and share the willness of continuous innovation of our company. 

Fusio-technik catalogue

Searching for improved solutions in performances has led to the production of our Fiber pipe series, using as the basic material for the inner layer (the one directly in contact with the fluid) polypropylene PP-RCT (modified polypropylene random copolymer), mixed with a package of new special additives, that allow a further improvement of the pipe behaviour, as resistance to oxidation and to high temperatures.

All the new range of Fiber systems is also suitable for the transport of drinking water. The white colour of the inner layer of the fibro-reinforced fusio-technik pipes features the polypropylene PP-RCT, mixed with these special additives.

For the PP-R outer layer, the traditional green colour has been maintained only for the single-layer pipes and for the Fiber-T multilayer ones, while the Fiber-Cond and Fiber-Light systems have a white colour also for the outer layer. Refer to the technical catalogue for the specific details of each series; what we want to underline, in addition to the common possibility of conveying drinking water, is a first differentiation between the various systems according to the recommended purpose:

  • Fiber-T SDR 7.4: high temperature sanitary and heating water systems
  • Fiber-Cond SDR 11: high temperature heating systems
  • Fiber-Light SDR 17,6: medium temperature/pressure heating systems

Our Technical Office is however available for more information about the use, especially in case of plants transporting particular fluids.

With the enlargement of the range and the production of these new products, we have defined additional application parameters, in order to provide our installers instructions for correct working and installation, such as indications for clamping and compensation of thermal expansions, as well offering all designers the usefull parameters for hydraulic calculation and evaluation of fire load.

In the fusio-technik catalogue, we have pointed the information of two particular systems:

  • UVRES pipes, also fibro-reinforced and with the innovative PP-RCT inner layer, are characterized by a special additive of the PP-R outer layer (black) ensuring a high resistance and long life to direct sunlight exposure.
  • the FIRES system, composed of red fibre-reinforced PP-R pipes and fittings, suitable for fire sprinkler systems (where it is allowed, according to DAU Itec Norm) and for mechanical installations – excluding the transport of drinking water – requiring an increased flame resistance (fire reaction class B-S1,d0 according to EN 13501).

Iso-technik catalogue

The production of the new series of fibre reinforced pipes has concerned also the iso-technik system, range of prefabricated pipes and fittings, specific for underground use: now, we are able to offer three series of pre-insulated pipes and fittings that, despite having the same casing pipe and PUR insulation, are different regarding the service pipe. The iso-technik range therefore consists of:

  • iso FIBER-T: range from 32 to 125 mm (Ø service pipe)
  • iso FIBER-COND: range from 32 to 315 mm (Ø service pipe)
  • iso FIBER-LIGHT: range from 125 to 315 mm (Ø service pipe).

The application fields of these three series are the same than the corresponding fusio-technik systems: all the technical data for the correct choice and application are in the catalogue.

All the necessary parameters for the design and installation have been defined and integrated for the new series, with detailed sheets of each item of the system, data for hydraulic calculation and tables for clamping in case of overhead installations.

Regarding laying, given the wide range of underground applications, the catalogue has tried to provide at least the basic indications for a correct installation.

Common to the two catalogues is the presence of tables (P/t) for the operating conditions of the different systems and a series of tables on the estimated operating times of the various processes, as well as specific chapters relating to the system testing, plant-washing and disinfection techniques.

This last point is very important, because the technology concerning water sanitization treatments is constantly evolving, as products, methods and norm indications. In case of washing or permanent sanitization treatments, our company is always available for more information.

We hope that these two new catalogues will satisfy our readers and will be important tools to know and admire the technological and application features of our polymer pipe systems.

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