Fusio-Technik pipes for the Grand Hotel Vesuvio in Naples

Tubazioni fusio-technik per il Grand Hotel Vesuvio a Napoli

Fusio-Technik pipes for the Grand Hotel Vesuvio in Naples

The Aquatechnik pipes protagonist of a renovation project of the water and climatization systems at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, in Naples.
Founded in 1882, it is the historic reference point for Naples promenade and exclusive destination for travellers and celebrities from all over the world. With its 5 star luxury, it has 160 rooms with 21 suites and it is the synonym of prestige and elegance. Icon of the gulf of Naples, it is a very exquisite and imponent building, with a long tradition of attention to detail and sophisticated comfort.

The project of renovation of the Grand Hotel Vesuvio with Aquatechnik

The important intervention, conducted in 2019, included the renovation of the structure along with the water, thermal, fire protection and electric systems of the prestigious Hotel. The part relative to the primary and secondar distribution of water and the remaking of the climatization system involved the company 2R impianti di Luigi Ruoppolo, that replaced the old plant lines with fusio-technik faser FIBER-T and faser FIBER-COND up to Ø 110 mm.

The installer appreciated particularly the simplicity and lightness of the system, the speed of installation and processing, along with the resistance of fiber-reinforced pipes to disinfectant agents employed usually for the treatment of potable water.

The advantages of Aquatechnik fiber-reinforced pipes for hydrothermal systems

The pipes utilised for the renovation project were made of PP-RCT WOR, PP-RF and   PP-R 80 Super and present different advantages during installation and utilisation.

The innovation that increases performance and durability of the fusio-technik pipes consists in a particular combination of additives, called WOR (White Oxidation Resistance) and stratification of the pipes. The external surface of the pipe is made of PP-R 80 Super that grants ductility and resilience; the central layer is made of PP-RF (polypropylene copolymer fiber-reinforced) guarantees a sizable reduction of lengthening due to thermal expansion, while the inner layer is the heart of the innovation, with the addition of state-of-the-art antioxidants made of polypropylene with modified crystallinity.

The experience that Aquatechnik has in hydrothermal installations in countries like the United States, in which disinfectant treatments are very aggressive, has helped the development of this solution, to guarantee high resistance to chemical treatments. The WOR technology guarantees a resistance to oxidant agents, like free chlorine, up to 40 times superior compared to a normal pipe in PP-R.The WOR technology is applied to the following pipes:

–       Faser FIBER-T, SDR 7,4 of diameter from 20 to 125 mm

–       Faser FIBER-COND, SDR 11 of diameter from 32 to 400 mm

–       FIBER LIGHT, SDR 17,6 up to a diameter of 630 mm

The Aquatechnic fiber-reinforced pipes are ideal for the vehiculation of potable water and other fluids for human consumption, according to active normatives such as the European regulation 10/2011 and the Italian ministerial decree n° 174/2004 and NSF 61/NSF 51.

Simplified installation with the faser technology

The presence of an intermediate layer enriched with special fibers implies a reduction of linear thermal expansion by 70% compared to single layer pipes, greatly recucing the number of points of clamping needed: in this way, installations are faster and allow for a significative saving in the costs of labor.

It is possible to consult the tables of dilatation values in the technical catalogues present in the download area on our website, Aquatechnik also makes available libraries for designing hydro sanitary plants con the BIM platform, to allow a more realistic evaluation of the dimensions of our products and the functioning of the plant to be constructed.

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