Faser FIBER-COND for the Hotel Des Etrangers in Syracuse

Faser FIBER COND per l’Hotel Des Etrangers di Siracusa

Faser FIBER-COND for the Hotel Des Etrangers in Syracuse

Faser FIBER-COND for the Hotel Des Etrangers in Syracuse

The Hotel Des Etrangers is a historic hotel from1906, characterized by a liberty and neoclassical style, which for years reigned on the island of Ortigia.

Representation of the utmost elegance and refinement in the reception of elite tourism thanks to its strategic position, the building was then tormented for years by stories of troubled and complex management, up to a period of abandonment. Today it has finally come back to life, thanks to a millionaire investment that has brought it back to the height of its splendor.

For the refurbishment of the mechanical systems of the Hotel Des Etrangers, Aquatechnik’s faser FIBER-COND pipes were chosen.

The design choices: the advantages of installing with PP-RCT WOR systems

The new air conditioning system of the Hotel Des Estrangers was built by the company Copia srl ​​of Catania, which chose the faser FIBER-COND pipes of the fusio-technik system. The building consists of 76 rooms and, for each room, a double air conditioning system has been built, both hydronic and expansion.

Compared to conventional materials such as steel and copper, PP-RCT offers many technical and performance advantages, in an application range that goes from the civil to the industrial sector. It is a light and easy to transport material, with guaranteed joints thanks to the polyfusion.

The evolution of Aquatechnik’s multilayer pipes guarantees further performance, thanks to the WOR (White Oxidation Resistance) technology used in the pipes which, unlike traditional systems with EVOH barrier, does not require the removal of the external film before polyfusion, making this operation more quick and at the same time safer. The reduction of linear thermal expansion by 70% compared to single-layer pipes leads to a drastic reduction in clamping costs, bringing further savings in terms of time and money.

Faser FIBER-COND for the construction of mechanical systems

The Faser FIBER-COND pipe is particularly suitable for the construction of mechanical and air conditioning systems. It is composed of three layers: the central one, with special fibers, guarantees the reduction of thermal expansion, the external one in PP-R 80 Super gives ductility, while the internal layer, with the addition of antioxidant additive packages, has a high chemical and long-term resistance.

Resistance to high temperatures is one of the characteristics that distinguish it. The operating conditions are higher, with the same thickness, compared to single-layer pipes: the PP-RCT + WOR combination guarantees an increase in performance from 20% (use with cold water) to 50% (use with hot water).

With a thermal conductivity at 20 ° C equal to λ 0.190 W / mK and an expansion coefficient of α 0.035 mm / mK, combined with an internal roughness of only 0.007 mm, the performance advantages are evident.

Faser FIBER-COND pipes, in PP-RCT and PP-R 80 Super fiber-reinforced, are assembled by polyfusion with welded and threaded fittings. Available from 32 to 315 mm diameter, they are characterized by the white color with external gray stripes. Produced with reference to the requirements of the EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077-8078, ASTM F2389 standards (relating to the dimensions and pressure ranges for polypropylene pipes), it is also the first fiber-reinforced PP-R pipe certified by IIP, ICCES and Lloyd’s Register.

Safety and efficiency with Aquatechnik systems

Knowing the costs of materials and processing is essential to better organize the work: the fusio-technik system allows you to accurately evaluate the number of pipes and fittings required, with a considerable saving in transport and installation costs. Not only that, light pipes, such as those in PP-RCT WOR guarantee greater safety for workers, both in transport, handling on site and processing.

Aquatechnik produces hygienic-sanitary systems that meet the needs of installers and ensure efficiency for decades, providing technical support and constantly updated resources for each phase of the project. Contact us for any request.

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