Faser FIBER-COND Aquatechnik fiber-reinforced multilayer pipes for the company Sala Punzoni

Sala Punzoni

Faser FIBER-COND Aquatechnik fiber-reinforced multilayer pipes for the company Sala Punzoni

Sala Punzoni is a completely made in Italy production reality, located in the province of Lecco.

Founded in 1966 in Olginate, it immediately established itself for the high quality of the products made, for its professionalism, flexibility and therefore the ability to satisfy the multiple needs of the customer.

At the end of the 1980s the name changed to Sala punzoni S.r.l. and in 2000 it moved to its current headquarters in Calolziocorte. Over the years, the company has been able to promote constant growth in size and turnover, establishing itself as a national and international leader in the market of special punches and threading dies.

System selection and installation with Aquatechnik pipes

In order to create the connection between the refrigeration units placed outside and the heat exchangers of oil washing lines, our FIBER-COND Ø 90 mm pipes were selected. The choice was made with the technical inspection by the Bonavera Agency, together with the dealer Air Energie of Usmate Velate, identifying the fusio-technik range as the most suitable product for construction of the plant. The implementation was carried out by Idraulica Greppi for another excellent example of the use of Aquatechnik pipes.

The advantages of the fiber-reinforced for mechanical plants

Fusio-technik faser FIBER-COND is a range of SDR 11 pipes composed of PP-RCT WOR, fiber-reinforced PP-R and PP-R 80 Super to be assembled with fittings to be welded by polyfusion.

One of the main advantages of fibre-reinforced pipes is a reduction in linear thermal expansion of 70% compared to single-layer pipes, which leads to a reduction in clamping costs. In fact, The Faser FIBER-COND pipe is also characterised by savings in installation and transport due to the features of the base material, which is lighter than the metal used for traditional pipes.

Thanks to the WOR (White Oxidation Resistance) technology, the inner layer of the FIBER-COND faser pipes guarantees high long-term chemical resistance. While reduction of elongation due to thermal expansion is provided by the intermediate layer made of fibre-reinforced copolymer polypropylene, ductility and resilience are provided by the outer layer, made of PP-R 80 Super.

Recommended in particular for the construction of mechanical systems, it is now available in diameters from 32 mm to 400 mm. Faser FIBER-COND is also suitable for the transport of drinking water with a maximum temperature of 50°C.

Fusio-technik Quality certifications

Using Fusio-technik system, there are not only technical advantages for the construction, but also certified quality. Faser FIBER-COND is manufactured with reference to EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077-8078 and ASTM F2389 with regard to dimensions and pressure ranges for polypropylene pipes. Moreover, the PP-R fibre-reinforced multilayer pipe range was the first to be approved by IIP, ICC-ES and Lloyd’s Register. Aquatechnik’s product certifications not only confirm the tests carried out in our own laboratory, but also confirm the quality of our production with evaluations by third-party certification bodies that also carry out regular in-house inspections.

We continuously innovate and work according to an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System to provide better solutions in the heating and plumbing sector.

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