Aquatechnik obtains the EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

Aquatechnik ottiene la Dichiarazione EPD

Aquatechnik obtains the EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

Aquatechnik has obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) validation and registration from the International EPD System, for multilayer fiber-reinforced pipes and for threaded and non-threaded fittings of the fusio-technik range.

The EPD Declaration for Aquatechnik

In perspective of Management of the production processes, according to an integrated company Quality and Environment system, which has always controlled the realization of our solutions for the thermo-sanitary sector, we proudly announce that we have obtained the validation of the Environmental Product Declaration EPD.

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a document that describes the environmental performance associated with the production of a service or product in all its life stages.

The Declaration is prepared referring to the analysis of the product life cycle, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which establishes the consumption of the resources used (materials, water, energy) and the impacts on the surrounding environment along the entire production chain.

This declaration is a further concrete proof of Aquatechnik’s commitment to the environment and the transparency: we report data that are comparable, objective and verified by an independent third party who, in our case, is SGS.

Technology and respect for the environment for better plumbing and heating solutions

The EPD declaration, in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, follows the ISO 14001 certification, obtained in 2019: all our products are made with low environmental impact processes and with 100% recyclable raw materials.

These involve the fusio-technik system including the fiber-reinforced fittings and pipes FIRES with high fire resistance and FIBER-T, FIBER-COND, FIBER-LIGHT, UVRES, produced using the innovative WOR (White Oxidation Resistance) technology that offers important advantages, including: greater resistance to oxidizing agents, increased resistance to temperatures and pressures as well as reduced oxygen permeability. Aquatechnik is not just quality and respect for the environment, but also optimized performance.

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